Our prices start from € 2299 per piece for a round diamond standard.

Extra laser engraving with a maximum of approximately 50 characters: € 145.

Certain types of SoulGem diamonds:
A surcharge applies for certain types of grinding
Prices include VAT

• Your SoulGem memorial diamond.
• Luxury box of your choice
• Laser inscription with certificate number
• Laser Inscription “Laboratory Grown”
• Name plate on box

Diamond cutting shapes

Our diamonds are cut in our own cutting factory in the heart of the diamond district in Antwerp in the shape you desire according to the rules of the cutting art.


After payment of the advance we will start the creation process of your SoulGem diamond.

This process takes ± 12 weeks during which you will be informed by e-mail or text message of every step in the production process of your SoulGem. This way you know perfectly how far we are.

Diamonds of cremation ashes of dead people and animals

More and more people are now opting instead of storing the ash of their loved one in an urn or scattering it into something tangible: the “forging” of it into diamonds.

This is possible because carbon is the second most common chemical element in the human body and diamonds are made by compressing carbon. In recent years, more methods have been developed to make artificial diamonds in the laboratory.

This makes it possible for people to keep their loved one with them forever. We bring joy from something that means sadness to many people.

Soulgem offers you even more possibilities, such as creating a memorial diamond made from a minimum of 50 grams of hair or fur.

For example, to seal a commitment in a wedding ring or for a special occasion to surprise a friend with a Soulgem.

Cremation process

Making a diamond from a deceased person starts with a cremation. The ash obtained weighs between 225 and 450 grams, the majority of which consists of carbon dust.

Minimum 50 grams of ash

We need approximately 50 grams of ashes to create a commemorative diamond. Hereby we can guarantee that there is enough carbon to create a diamond.

Delivery time SoulGem – Diamond

Depending on the desired size, it can take six to eight weeks for the machine to allow the graphite to crystallize into a diamond. The larger the diamond, the longer it takes to grow.

The different steps in the diamond creation process:

  • Transport to the lab
  • Start of SoulGem diamond growth process
  • End of the growth process
  • Transport to SoulGem
  • Grinding the diamond in our own grinding shop in Antwerp
  • Laser inscription and award of the IGI certificate
  • Delivery of your SoulGem diamond

Thanks to our exclusive follow-up system, you can rest assured that the ash you supply is used to create your “SoulGem”…


It is possible that the size you choose differs in the final weight, so that the diamond:

  • Is greater (i.e., weighs more) than requested. In this case there is NO extra charge
  • Smaller than requested. In this case, the price difference is deducted

Our diamonds are always delivered with a valid certificate!

For more information you can contact SoulGem via
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