Our ash diamond is formed in exactly the same way as natural diamond.

The carbon needed to form the diamond is purified from a portion of the deceased’s axis. A portion of this carbon is put in a cylinder together with other additives. This in turn is brought under an enormous constant pressure of 55,000 atm, at a temperature of approximately 1600 ° to 1800 ° Celsius.

The rough diamond then grows, depending on the desired size, for 7 to 14 days, a process similar to that in nature. The diamond obtained will also achieve a hardness of “10” on the MOHS scale.

Blue diamond

The presence of the “Boron” element gives the diamond a blue color. The intensity of this color will depend on the precise amount of Boron. Outside of our will the stone can also contain impurities in exceptional cases.

These roughly grown diamonds are professionally cut in our own diamond cutting factory in Antwerp, at C.R. Diamond Polishing Works bvba, in the desired shape according to the rules of the art. This way the cut diamond really becomes your own SoulGem.

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